Dailuaine 16 Year Old

Dailuaine 16 Year Old

Now I raised my eyebrows in question when I was offered this. Not that there is anything wrong with Dailuaine, nor the Flora and Fauna range. It was more the enthusiasm with which the bottle was thrust at me, much like when you were young and a friend wanted to show you their latest and greatest toy. “I’m lovin’ it mate” says Ed (my bartender), eagerly pouring me a dram. “There’s just something about it I can’t quite shake.” I don’t know if I have ever been as happy to be wrong.

Dailuaine 16

Drawing the eye with the colour of torch lit amber, the dram started large with a roaring Christmas cake, soaked with brandy, heavily buttered rye toast in the background and a melting Terry’s Chocolate Orange sitting atop the feast. Mulled wine quickly dashes in with star anise and cinnamon, throwing vanilla pods and hints of chilli around the room.

On the palate the dram smooths out incredibly, with sticky raspberry jam moving in alongside some honey glazed carrots, rich creamy soda, and some nectarines with a macadamia and ginger nut filling, all before a light smoky finish, more reminiscent of wine soaked tobacco smoke blown lazily into a summers night. Note to self: pay more attention to what whisky Ed gets in.

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