Badachro Gin

Another Monday another review. Today however, we’re trying something slightly different. While the world of whisk(e)y has many things to offer, sometimes something comes across that I feel a need to try, so this takes us to the Badachro gin. Now I initially received this just before Christmas, however on the day it arrived I was running out the door to catch a plane that I almost missed, so it has had to wait until today. I am somewhat peeved that I waited this long.

Distilled in the Scottish Highland village of Badachro from which the distillery gets its name, Badachro distillery and gin is the culmination of years of work from founders and owners Gordon and Vanessa. Distilled on site from the lovely copper pot still “Delilah”, this gin is a gift of and from the Scottish Highlands to the glass, using handpicked, local gorse blossom, elder flower and wild bog myrtle with plenty more to offer. “A love-filled infusion of local, hand-picked and traditional botanicals married in our copper still “Delilah” to produce a simply delicious, full-flavoured and truly highland gin”. Now there’s something that everyone would kill to have on their label, but when it comes to Badachro you can rest assured every word is true, but know that when they say “simply delicious” I struggle to remember the last time a distillery was so modest.


I popped the cork in my wee bottle to pour a measure, and immediately I relaxed. Wafting from the neck came soft notes of fresh pine needles, falling through a highlands forest against spirited winter greens, river mint, and dropping onto a cradle of crushed fragrant lavender, sweet floral notes rising from the forest floor. The nose rounds out at the back with liquorice, lime zest and floral bouquets.

With such a nose I was excited to have a sip, and doing so lead me down a winding forest path, crisp autumn air cooling me with pine, mistletoe, heather and tulips floating by in the calm breeze. It’s incredibly smooth, giving away a juniper base that allows the myrtle, finger limes, river mint to relax you, while small touches of coriander work a relaxing magic. Additional white pepper floats by, and the finish is lime juice squeezed over a lemon tart, with the tulips and lavender mingling with white pepper and a hint of cinnamon as we walk through that forest path to a hilltop looking out over a breath taking Scottish Highland view.

Even though my gin experience is limited, I have never been this impressed with a gin. Come to think of it, I struggle to remember the last time I was this impressed with a whisk(e)y. Everything about the gin is clearly realised,while tasting natural, and I am not sure how I am going to feel about any other gins after this one. It’s a relaxing, calming, joy bringing gin, and no words can really describe just how amazing it is. And it tastes of hard work and love. Gordon and Vanessa have done made a tremendous achievement with this gin, and I sincerely hope they realised what an amazing product they have.

If you want to find out more about the Badachro gin, click here for their story.

If you would like to discover the taste for yourself, click here, and feel free to tell Gordon, Vanessa your thoughts on the product, and comment below with any notes you may have.

2 thoughts on “Badachro Gin

  1. Exactly how I feel about Badachro Gin, it is simply delicious and a true highland gem. Made in the highlands from the highlands, very special.


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