Fercullen 10 Year Old Grain

So tonight we got to taste the Fercullen 10 Year Old Grain from Powerscourt Distillery. Bear in mind this will be a quick one focusing on tasting notes, as the main bulk of Powerscourt will be in a Rant (and I have a mates birthday). So, the Fercullen 10 Year Old Grain.


Casked in 2007 in America White Oak and reracked into ex bourbon again two years ago, the 10 Year Old Grain starts the nose with notes of honey suckle, eucalypt, macadamia nuts and a certain hot plastic note that begs more. Fudge, nuts and mango follow, and we end we a touch of pineapple that lingers and makes the palate that much more enticing.

Ooohhh, here we are. Full fledged chocolate, ferrero roche, caramello koala streams down before good milk chocolate, perfume, bananas, rockmelon, mango, grapes and wheaty apples biscuits. The finish is short, but breaks through and shows us a final splendour of strawberries and red apples dipped in melted chocolate.

Now, I was in two minds when tasting this whiskey. First, I loved it. I’m a bit of a grain fan, and think it stands far and above the other Grains on the Irish market, but I wouldn’t have released it right now. See, to me this represents what all grain whiskies wish to be, and I see the potential in the glass for something that rivals an old Camerbridge, North British, or Loch Lomond. I love the whiskey. I just wish had hit my glass in a few years.

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