Teeling Revival Volume V

I’ve been seeing more Teeling than I normally would recently, so we’re following that train with todays review. So yesterday I had a few old pals from Scotland drive through Dublin, thirsty from not drinking for a few moments and wanting to see the Teeling distillery. Not to do the tour mind you, they wanted one thing; Whiskey. Luckily for all of us Teeling has whiskey in spades, and we each sat down with a few drams to talk and drink and catch up and drink and nose. And drink. I hope those guys never change.

My own drop was the Teeling Revival Volume V, the final in the Revival series, a 12 year old aged in ex bourbon and finished ex cognac and brandy casks. Those with memory will know that Teeling distillery wasn’t established 12 years ago however, so this liquid has come from one or two other Irish distilleries, 46% and non-chill filtered. And yes, I’m jumping on this whiskey a little late, but I thought it a nice drop to review seeing as son it will all be gone. Anyway, what’s in the glass?


We start with light lemon scent, dandelions, poppies, brandy wood and rancio, a touch of spice but quite mellow. Soon after we find slices of green apple with lime, pears, a touch of vanilla but mainly sticking on that fruity appeal, following with grapes, honey dew melon and honey itself and a touch of a whole uncut ripe pineapple before a bowl of vanilla yogurt and frozen mango chunks, nice chill.

The palate flows with apples, banana, mango, honey dew and pear squirted with lemon juice, fruity but with alot of citric zest running over for a lightly puckering tart mouthfeel, very pleasant before we head into desert territory; light fruit tart, a lemon meringue slice, fully topped pavlova with light cream, sugar, sun dried apricots and grapes. That citrus tone becomes more apparently on each sip but turns to lime and pineapple with a dash of sugar syrup, very easy and light before hints of white pepper, cinnamon and ginger for a well breathing whiskey. Our finish is long, nice and steady, fruits, predominantly grapes, touches of spice but just a steady mouthfeel with some malt and a final splash of cream.

Ooohhh, I was very impressed with this dram. Plenty of light fruits chunks were followed by creamy vanilla and a light spice from thise cognac and brandy casks, and the whiskey flowed so smoothly I am sad to see the shelves cleared of most of the bottles, even if it means they’ve found a good home. Where as some cognac finishes feel heavy handed and over done, this was instead ripe and easy drinking, a brilliant to to drink while catching up with old friends. If you haven’t picked up a bottle, grab one before it’s all gone, and crack it on a nice day before sharing it with good folk for a good time.

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