Writers Tears Cask Strength 2015

Writers Tear 2015 CS

“I traded my tomorrows
to remain in yesterday
whiskey tears are fallin’ here
and each one cries her name”

Now there’s something to have on your bottle. That’s the start to Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Tears, proudly written over the label of each bottle of writers tears. While none of my tears cry anyone’s name, they may well be made of and for whiskey. This is the Writers Tears Cask Strength, from 2015. Now Writers Tears bottles a cask strength edition every year, and while each and every year they are stunning, the 2015 is something else. A blend of triple distilled single malt and single pot still, the whiskey is aged in ex-bourbon American Oak, and each bottle is individually numbered so you know who has your bottle. Curiously, I appear to be sipping from bottle 2275 from a limited run of… 2100. Huh. Still, it’s a beautiful whiskey, and well worth the €130 it costs from most retailers.


Ah, can you smell that? We’re here is a heavily perfumed garden, sitting on wooden lounge chairs, nestled in the midst of fruits trees; peaches, apples, nectarines, all limbs hanging low and heavy with the ripe to bursting fruit sweating juice. A front us we can find a bouquet of flowers, lavender and tulips gathered around a plate of luscious yellow poached pears, with a healthy dash of honey and grape juice over the top. And right there next to it is our drink, a tall glass of grapefruit, pineapple and mango juice, as a scattering of cinnamon and ginger falls lightly from on high.

Our first sip brings us into an oily river; suddenly we’re swimming in pear, grape and grapefruit juice, surrounded by delicious chunks of mango, pineapple, banana and rock melon. As we reach a butterscotch shore, we find delicious plums and raspberries awaiting us, and then we fall into a bush of milk chocolate and thick rose pollen, a special treat for that end of the palate. The mouthfeel is amazing, full of hidden depths and surprises, slightly numbing but what can be expected from a cask strength whiskey. The finish is shorter than expected, but holds beautiful orchard fruits into tropical sun fruits, vanilla and watermelon with orange juice garnished with a touch of nutmeg and a cinnamon stick, delicious.

Now there’s a dram. Full and fit to bursting with flavour, it doesn’t take much to see why this whiskey is so popular. A few folk have passed it by, telling me they would rather something such as the Midleton Very Rare, but to be honest thats an extra €50 and doesn’t really give that much more delight. The Writers Tears Cask Strength is a special treat and worth picking up, be it in the shop by the bottle or at the bar by the dram. Just enjoy it with some mates, and make sure to share the whiskey around.

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