Cooking on Charcoal – Part 3

We’re here again it seems, another day gone and another BBQ done. I was pleased to see some of my flatmates down BBQing themselves again, it was a great moment and I can see that the pledge is infectious.

Today was a return to norm, I made myself some burgers once again but made sure to take some photos, and made a glaze to along with them! If you’re after the burger recipe, see my Part 1 for all the details (here’s how they look)

Todays it all about that glaze.

BBQ Sauce
Tomato Sauce

Use equal measures of each, and brush the meat as its hitting the grill and then with each turn. Sounds easy? You’re damn right it is. Here it is in action

It’s that simple really. Burgers aren’t the difficult part, not at all. The difficult part was the barbie itself.

I’ve lost a touch here and there, when I started this pledge it had been a few years since I last barbied, and it showed. My failure to build the coals properly the first time around meant that I had a cooling barbie with two burgers still on and two still to come, so I had to dump some more charcoal on and build it back from there. Tomorrow will be a rough day of making sure it’s completely clean before I correctly build it up.

And what am I BBQing tomorrow? Well you’ll have to tune in for that, but I’ll give you a clue. It’s near Easter. That should give you enough.

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