Malts with Mates – Iain Allan

Continuing our Malt with Mates tradition, I recently sat down for a virtual chat with Iain Allan of Glen Moray Distillery.

Right there you can see me chat with the wonderful Iain Allan of Glenmoray distillery and learn about Iain, Glen Moray, and marvel at a love of Star Wars and Comic Books. 

If you’re wondering what Iain is drinking during lockdown, what bottlings he hopes to have in the future or the history of Glen Moray, look no further and give the video a watch. If you’re curious to learn more about Glen Moray, considering clicking here to visit Iain’s Twitter, Glen Morays Twitter or Website.

If you would like to see some more whisky chats, make sure you tune into my Twitter channel each Tuesday and Friday where I’ll be talking whisky with folk all over the world.

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