Gifts From a Land Down Under – Hobart Whisky Signature Batch 2

This review was completed with a sample provided by The Devils Distillery, this has in no way altered the opinion of the whisky.

Yesterday we spoke all about Devils Distillery and their Hobart Whisky, starting with the Signature Batch 1 (S-001). We’re continuing that today, with the Signature Batch 2 (S-002).

Another marriage of ex-bourbon barrels, today’s dram sits at 48.4%. Fortunately it’s not sold out, so if you’re keen you can grab yourself a bottle and support some of the little guys in these hard times. Let’s dive in to the whisky.

The nose is lemon drizzle cake straight off the bat, served up with a few choice scoops of mango and passionfruit sorbet until we dig through the cake and find a vanilla sponge with Betty Crocker style icing. Cream and banana kick around the nose but mainly it’s the citrus, joined by pineapple, gooseberries and tart blackberries. A final waft of vanilla essence comes through and the mouth is now watering for a sip.

A sip reveals slices of Victoria sponge and marzipan, plus a pavlova full of kiwi fruit. Tons of sherbet fizz lead the way past dandelion wine and coconut milk to deeper hints of malt and muesli bars chock full of blueberries and raspberries. Slices of Turkish delight dipped in warm apple sauce before a fistful of fruit cake, with light hints of white pepper and strawberries plucked just a week or so too early.

The finish is nice and long, all lemon juice and kiwi fruit juice mixed in with icing sugar for a crisp finish.

I’m at a loss comparing this to the Batch 1. They were not incredibly different but the little bits and pieces that differ between the two give the Batch Two more potential as a whisky. Clean and refreshing like a nice glass of white wine, it came with more flavour than I expected on such a cold day but really delivered through.

It’s not hit some key notes though, as nice as the dram is it feels as though there is something missing, there are breaks in the notes and I can’t help but think that it’s unfinished. It showed great potential and has a lot to offer, but it leaves me wondering about the whisky that might have been hiding in those casks. The Batch 1 is the finished product, whereas the Batch 2 shows more promise but feels unfinished.

Would I buy a dram? Definitely. Would I wonder what would have happened in another few months? Even more so.

Having said all that it can only fit a certain type of song, something well made but missing something to make an absolute classic.

Amazing but missing the key notes it needs. Keep up the good work you Devils, I’m keen to dive into tomorrow’s whisky.

If you want to learn more about Devils Distillery you can click here, and view their range by clicking here.

This review is not sponsored or endorsed by any whisky or distillery, Devils Distillery or otherwise, and is entirely the thoughts and opinions of the authors Somewhiskybloke.

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