Keeping Chill – ROCKS Chilling Stones

Somewhiskybloke received a box of the ROCKS Chilling Stones in order to complete this article. This in no way influenced the review.

We’ve all received whisky stones for Christmas and generally they tend to be something someone has picked up from a random shop. Normally they’re dark little cubes, kept in a red velvet bag that we tend to lose within the first few days. Recently there have been a few designers taking on the challenge of making something better, something we can feel happy with putting into our whisky. This is the ROCKS Whisky Stones.

The vision of ROCKS is to bring quality whisky stones to life. Handcrafted granite, polished to a high degree and a circular shape, the stones designed to be both aesthetically pleasing to the eye and designed to chill your dram.

To get a full idea of what the ROCKS offer, I unboxed a set and dove in, you can view the full video here.

Each gift set contains the following

Six Natural Handcrafted Granite Round Rocks

A Wooden storage and presentation tray

A small guide explaining the use of the stones

Two crystal rock glasses

How did they work out?

As for the design I’m a big fan, I’m often worried about the edges of whisky stones damaging my glass, so the smooth polish on these ones is appealing. Other stones made from cheap soap stone and the like also chip easily, but the polished granite holds strong here.

Chilling wise I found they kept cool very well, helping to chill the dram right down. In some whiskies, especially peated stock, I enjoy the sharp phenolic tang that chilling the whisky can help express, so this is welcomed for my smoky evenings.

The glasses are surprisingly fantastic, sitting heavy in the hand they hold a weight behind them that adds to the whisky. The look is great, the shape well made and designed. Their also perfect for more than just whisky, a Glencairn is great but often just for whisky. These glasses are great for whisky, gin and tonic, cocktails, the lot.

As far as whisky stones go, ROCKS Chilling Stones are a far cry better than anything else out there. From the overall presentation to the effect the stones have on the whisky, these are something great for any whisky lover to have and a fantastic choice for a gift.

If you want to learn more about ROCKS you can click here, and view their range by clicking here.

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