Best Irish Whiskey under €50

In this Rant, Somewhiskybloke looks at the Best Irish Whiskey for under €50, in a completely opinionated piece.


Writers Tears Cask Strength 2015

...grapefruit juice, surrounded by delicious chunks of mango, pineapple, banana and rock melon. As we reach a butterscotch shore, we find delicious plums and raspberries awaiting us, and then we fall into a bush of milk chocolate and thick rose pollen, a special treat for that end of the palate. The mouthfeel is amazing, full of hidden depths and surprises...


West Cork Glengarriff Bog Oak

...Irish pine forest rising before us. As we take another breath suddenly we are swept into the heart of the forest, with spice covered oak surrounding us, earthy moss, red oak and touches of ginger. Some sap starts to roll down the side of a tree, and turns into apricot jam shortly after, meeting dark chocolate...


Dingle Batch 4 Cask Strength

...pecan nut heart, lovingly doesn’t with Glayva. From there, we head into plums, maraschino cherry and blood orange each dusted lightly with cinnamon sugar. After that we get a touch darker, with hints of roasted coffee beans, rums and raisin dark chocolate and glace cherries, a beautifully wet...


Teeling Revival Volume V

...dandelions, poppies, brandy wood and rancio, a touch of spice but quite mellow. Soon after we find slices of green apple with lime, pears, a touch of vanilla but mainly sticking on that fruity appeal, following with grapes, honey dew melon and honey itself and a touch ofa whole uncut ripe pineapple before a bowl of vanilla yogurt...


Teeling Single Pot Still Batch 2

...a touch of honey sweetness with malt biscuits topped with vanilla cream and lemon zest, the scent of fresh cut summer grass and lemon scented Windex spray. After a touch we are greeted with sun dried apricots, white pepper, goose berry and a touch of tennis ball tubes...


Glendalough 13 Year Old Mizunara Finish

...light gnashi, lemon sherbet and slightly green banana making a good back to the whiskey. A small twinge at the back made me think of fermenting fruit salad, and I spared a thought of how hard the oak must have been to work with before I was sucked back into a world of light milk chocolate, shredded coconut and fresh green tree sap that dispelled any disbelief of the maturation team’s ability. Blood orange, peach skins...