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The English Whisky Company; Smokey

...old wood, twigs, wet leaves and bark heaped upon iron rich dirt and set ablaze. In the middle of it all the fire parts, and as the smoke still rises, we can see the core of the flame; sweet malt biscuits, roasting pineapple...

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Cotwolds Founders Choice

...reminiscent of a dry South Australian Cabernet, packed full of blackberries, raspberries, heavy cherries, plum tarts, Christmas cake and pear drops drizzled with honey. A firm base of toffee and butterscotch provides a brilliant bed for these fruits to jump off, before a scattering of spices fall down and calm the dram. The finish is long, with incense, balsa wood...

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SMWS Picks of the October Outturn

Closed distillery, port cask, and new comer come together in this review of three of the latest SMWS Outturn. Grab a drop while you can.