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Best Irish Whiskey under €50

In this Rant, Somewhiskybloke looks at the Best Irish Whiskey for under €50, in a completely opinionated piece.

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Cotwolds Founders Choice

...reminiscent of a dry South Australian Cabernet, packed full of blackberries, raspberries, heavy cherries, plum tarts, Christmas cake and pear drops drizzled with honey. A firm base of toffee and butterscotch provides a brilliant bed for these fruits to jump off, before a scattering of spices fall down and calm the dram. The finish is long, with incense, balsa wood...

irish, Reviews, Whisk(e)y

The Irishman Founders Reserve

...we have a slow build of fruit salad and vanilla ice-cream, with passionfruit, pineapple, apple, watermelon, strawberries, and grated chocolate and a drizzle of spiced honey over the top, a few dashes of grapefruit and lemon juice thrown in...