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Lagavulin 16 Year Old

...charcoal, underlying spice of nutmeg, tobacco and grilled fish. The creeping fog we saw before soon becomes a blaze of toffee, eucalyptus ash and coffee grinds warming the heart and soul, becoming your palate into the flame, biting a still melting marshmallow from a burning stick regardless of the consequences. Dark chocolate jumps out to accompany a bitter and spicy mouthfeel...

Reviews, scotch, Whisk(e)y

Poit Dhubh 21

...tendrils of cherry tree wood smoke, slow hands and smouldering leather and dank, wet wood move around to caress the senses with this whisky, and we find ourselves transported to a wee hut surrounded by ancient forest. Taking a walk, the whisky gives wet wood, forest floor and dew wet grass before we find ourselves in front of a set of cherry and plum trees...

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Paul John Peated Cask Strength

...rock melon before tingles of chili dark chocolate hitting the tongue. The peat manifests itself again, coming through with wet earth, damp from the aforementioned fruit juice. We start to see some vanilla come through, and the wood rises a touch once more and sets off lovely spice of cinnamon, chili...

Reviews, scotch, Whisk(e)y

Ardbeg Uigedail

...melting blue cheese that oozes decadence and flavour. Astride the cheese we get diced chorizo with strips of salami and pancetta, the bread toasting, the cheese melting, and the meat curling above a bonfire of damp morning driftwood and kelp on the beach, burning down to sweaty earth that gives off copper and iron...

Reviews, scotch, Whisk(e)y

Caol Ila Moch

...smoky remains of an old driftwood built beach shack, burnt up long ago but still clinging to that charcoal. We broke down what burnable wood remained and used it to light a fire in our bellies, the salt licked, colourful flames running through our mouths and down our throats...

Reviews, scotch, Whisk(e)y

SMWS Picks of the October Outturn

Closed distillery, port cask, and new comer come together in this review of three of the latest SMWS Outturn. Grab a drop while you can.