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Thousand Mountains Mc Raven Whisky

...chocolate that somehow was missing from the nose. As I bite into it thick chocolate and fudge ice-cream appears alongside liquorice, honey dew melon, dancing pears, prancing bears, jumping caramel, spinning plums, sweet coffee and a black forest gateau winking...

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Best Irish Whiskey under €50

In this Rant, Somewhiskybloke looks at the Best Irish Whiskey for under €50, in a completely opinionated piece.

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Writers Tears Cask Strength 2015

...grapefruit juice, surrounded by delicious chunks of mango, pineapple, banana and rock melon. As we reach a butterscotch shore, we find delicious plums and raspberries awaiting us, and then we fall into a bush of milk chocolate and thick rose pollen, a special treat for that end of the palate. The mouthfeel is amazing, full of hidden depths and surprises...

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West Cork Glengarriff Bog Oak

...Irish pine forest rising before us. As we take another breath suddenly we are swept into the heart of the forest, with spice covered oak surrounding us, earthy moss, red oak and touches of ginger. Some sap starts to roll down the side of a tree, and turns into apricot jam shortly after, meeting dark chocolate...

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Da Mhile Organic Single Grain

...vanilla, marzipan, heavy musk sticks and a fistful of parma violet sweet, grapefruit with a pinch of sugar and a light sprinkle of parfait amour before a gingerbread Christmas house with thick royal icing. The mouthfeel is spiced, but tightens in a resolute rather than puckering manner. As the palate continues to develop, we see coconut biscuits...

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Talisker Select Reserve Game of Thrones

...plunder rises to greet our nose, as our treasure come forth in wooden chests. Peppery fudge unknown to us soon gives way to dark chocolate with a scattering of salt and chili flakes. Dried spice lies within there too, all wrapped in dried seaweed to keep away from the harsh elements. As we venture forth to the beach we are struck with the scent of salt waves driven hard against the shore, and we find one more reward nearby...

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Lark Distillers Selection

...sherry and port heat take off, with robust dried cherries and plums trees hanging low with juicy fruits fit to bursting. Hints of chorizo, cumin, cayenne pepper and light tobacco move through, sealed away in a box of old toasted oak. Roasting pumpkins, carrots and parma hand move next to tomato, goji berries, rich coffee grounds and roasted nuts...