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Dingle Batch 4 Cask Strength

...pecan nut heart, lovingly doesn’t with Glayva. From there, we head into plums, maraschino cherry and blood orange each dusted lightly with cinnamon sugar. After that we get a touch darker, with hints of roasted coffee beans, rums and raisin dark chocolate and glace cherries, a beautifully wet...

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Macallan 12 Year Old Triple Cask

..some BBQ sauce. While the signature sulphuric spirit is there, it carries itself well, copper into oak, great tall planks of it toasted and charred around us, some cedar wood and then hints of a light burning incense alongside grapefruit and orange rind. Once the initial hit passes, it’s into the vanilla, with crème brulee, vanilla toffee on gingerbread, and then macadamia...

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SMWS Picks of the October Outturn

Closed distillery, port cask, and new comer come together in this review of three of the latest SMWS Outturn. Grab a drop while you can.