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Hillock 4 Chief Rye

...calm opening on the nose, filled with fresh melted caramel and fudge chews, shavings of coconut and light fresh fruit of apricot and apple slices. A touch of spice follows, with ginger, aniseed and black pepper, before we head back to the fruit and find a bit of fresh mango, honeydew melon, rock-melon, and then a bit of vanilla ice cream and banana chips to finish...

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Athyr Single Malt moves to chai, and apricots that move from bursting with juice to dry in the mouth, with sweet cinnamon, cherry’s, humbugs, raisins, and dark sugar. Its then the mouthfeel starts to come in, and the whisky is hot and sweet yet so incredibly dry, stripping all the moisture from the cheeks and tongue as though you’ve stuffed your mouth full of cinnamon sugar...

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The English Whisky Company; Smokey

...old wood, twigs, wet leaves and bark heaped upon iron rich dirt and set ablaze. In the middle of it all the fire parts, and as the smoke still rises, we can see the core of the flame; sweet malt biscuits, roasting pineapple...

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De Molenburg Distillery, Golden Carolus

...also once hide a nut tree sitting in the distilleries courtyard  from the German forces during the second world war (the wood used is apparently perfect for gun stocks)...

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Thousand Mountains Mc Raven Whisky

...chocolate that somehow was missing from the nose. As I bite into it thick chocolate and fudge ice-cream appears alongside liquorice, honey dew melon, dancing pears, prancing bears, jumping caramel, spinning plums, sweet coffee and a black forest gateau winking...

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Nomad Outland Whisky

...Rich tobacco, thick tannic notes, carrot cake and caramelised dark sugar. Once we start digging into that caramel glob we find smoky raisins, sulphuric honey, saffron and paprika before a bed of marzipan, a big difference to the nose that I was not expecting. The mouthfeel is cloying...

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Best Irish Whiskey under €50

In this Rant, Somewhiskybloke looks at the Best Irish Whiskey for under €50, in a completely opinionated piece.